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PostSubject: Ross   Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:31 pm

Up until now, Ross has been playing a great game, but he now appears to be flying too close to the sun. He is playing all sides and people are starting to realize it. He was speaking with James earlier and letting him in that him and Shannon are likely going up. This was after James pressed him and Ross kept stating that Ari doesn't talk to him. Ross finally relented after going to talk to Ari about it again and claim how he was playing dumb, then went back to James and told him Shannon is the target. Of course he ended the convo with "Don't tell Shannon about this discussion" which should set warning bells off.

Also, Brandi and Ari grilled James about his relationship with them and he simply claimed that if they are going to keep telling him things, he is going to keep listening. Brandi may buy this load of nonsense, but Ari is not one to just buy it and shrug it off.

Meanwhile, Marissa is just sitting back being the fly on the wall, but Shannon is aware that she likely flipped. For some reason, the target on Oma's back is suddenly removed. Unless she wins veto, Shannon is most likely going home, so expect an endurance type veto comp. I think the dream final 2 for CBS would be Shannon and Oma, especially since they now seem to be feuding. Oma has been making things up about Shannon all day.
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