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 Backyard Interviews

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PostSubject: Backyard Interviews   Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:31 pm

I watched these last night and some of it was pretty entertaining. Naru posted them on the youtube site for anyone wanting to watch them.

I thought Dr. Will was pretty entertaining doing them. You can never really tell for sure if Dr. Will is just blowing smoke up someone's ass for their reaction or if he is giving his actual opinion which makes some of it fun.

When he interviewed Raven and told her she was the best juror at the roundtable, always poised and logical and such, I wanted to vomit. But she ran with it and I thought he handled that great to show that if you put a thought in her head she will run with it.

One of them that surprised me quite a bit was Christmas' interview. She had basically given up and told both Paul and Josh to take the person they think they could beat and she was fine with going out 3rd. But in this interview she said that Josh had said several times he would take her to the final 2, and she was giving him an opportunity to keep his word. Since he didn't she voted for Paul. Come on, that is straight up bullshit. She talked to the camera and said NOTHING about any of this at all. She was embarrassed by her performance in the final HOH comps and didn't want the questions coming about being carried to the end of the game plain and simple.

I thought the jokes about Jess being a proctologist on The Bold and the Beautiful was pretty funny for sure. I also liked Cody's interview. True to form he gave short, quick answers and Dr. Will made it entertaining. Elena was a bit over the top, but I think she is desperate to try to exude some personality in the last few minutes of camera time trying to get herself a job of some sort.

Then there was Matt who actually answered the showmance question Dr. Will posed to everyone that he and Raven would be the one that would last forever. OMG this guy is in for a rude awakening for sure.

Then there is Paul. When asked if he would do anything different, he replied with a very smug "Nope". At the very least a comment about the lack of jury management was in order, but his ego just won't let him admit he made any mistakes. In his mind the mistakes were that of the jury, not him. I loved that Dr. Will also mentioned he lost Candy Crush too just to pile a bit more salt in the wounds. Paul also looked kind of uncomfortable with the questions about him and Christmas, but it was surprising that he didn't mention "his little burrito" (that is what he calls his girl on the outside) at all, just talked about the friend argument and that Christmas was always cold so she wanted to snuggle.

Josh was.................well just Josh. He was over the top of course. But, I did love it when he commented that if his game play made Paul mad, too bad. This tells me that when Paul looked pissed at him about the good-bye messages segment, it was absolutely real. I am thinking if they go to Vegas, Josh is going to be the butt of many of Paul's jokes even more so than when they were in the house. Paul and Christmas were the worst at shitting on him, especially in the final days and I am guessing now that the game is over and Paul is quite salty that it will be amplified. The difference is that I don't think Josh will just grin and bear it, he will step up and say what is on his mind..............................then go in a corner and cry about it.

Sure hope Ctown gets to see these people in Vegas and gives us some good stories.
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Backyard Interviews
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