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 How will they vote

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MOD Goddess

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PostSubject: How will they vote   Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:01 am

So I'm trying to see who will vote for who on finally night and I thought you guys would like to put your 2 cents in as well since we all ready know that it will be Josh and Paul. BUT! If you think it will be say Josh and Christmas, or Christmas and Paul or even Paul and Paul...just tell me who you think will vote for who.

Josh and Paul:
Mark--- Paul....based on play unless Josh manages to make a good argument.
Matt--- Paul....enough said.
Raven---Again Paul....enough said.
Elena---Paul....again unless Josh wow's them with a good argument.
Cody--- Josh....he hates Paul
Alex---Paul....again the argument is the key
Paul 6 Josh 2

Josh and Christmas:
Mark---Josh...He won't like it but he will know that Josh played the game.
Matt--- Josh....because he only knows how to mimic others when it comes to voting.
Raven--- Josh....because she only knows how to mimic others when it comes to voting.
Elena--- Josh
Cody--- Josh
Josh 8 Christmas 1

Christmas and Paul:
Matt---Paul....because Raven told him to vote for Paul.
Raven---Paul...because she wants her alliance member to win.
Jason---Paul...because he will see that Paul carried her to the end.
Elena---Paul...hates Christmas or just see's her BS
Cody---Christmas....(did I mention he hated Paul?LOL)
Paul 8 Christmas 1

I may have missed something and I'm sure someone will point it out but like I said....how do you think it will go?

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PostSubject: Re: How will they vote   Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:45 am

Josh and Paul:

Christmas - Paul*
Kevin - Paul
Alex - Paul*
Raven - Paul
Jason - Josh
Matt - Paul
Elena - Paul
Mark - Paul*
Cody - Josh

Paul wins 7-2. The votes with *'s are ones that could easily go the other way depending on bitterness and whether or not Mark loses respect for Paul taking the easy people to the end instead of trying to compete against others. Also, if Josh wins the final and CHOOSES to take Paul instead of Christmas (Paul has told him they would both lose against Christmas), then he will lose 9-0.

Josh and Christmas:

Paul - Josh*
Kevin - Christmas
Alex - Josh
Raven - Christmas
Jason - Josh
Matt - Christmas
Elena - Josh
Mark - Josh
Cody - Josh

Josh wins 6-3. Paul's vote could be contingent on which one sent him packing.

Paul and Christmas:

Josh - Paul
Kevin - Paul
Alex - Paul
Raven - Paul
Jason - Paul*
Matt - Paul
Elena - Paul
Mark - Paul
Cody - Paul

Paul wins 9-0. Jason could still vote against Paul because his bitterness runs deep.

Now like I said before, I would vote for Paul if I was in the jury, but I don't think it is the slam dunk he believes it will be against Josh, which he plans to be sitting next to on finale night. I am hoping with everything I have that Josh somehow wins that final round and sends Paul out of the house. Not that I am a big Josh fan (I don't like any of the final 3 for that matter), but it would be a fitting end to a horrible season because Paul would be shown that shitting on people for sport, having loyalty to nobody when that is supposedly your platform, and not owning your own moves even as people are leaving the house is not the good game play he believes it to be.
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How will they vote
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