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 Paul winner?

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PostSubject: Paul winner?   Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:09 am

After listening to the jury tonight, I am not sure it is the slam dunk that Paul thinks it is going to be. If I were in jury, I would vote for him Big Vomit but there are many jurors who have a right to be bitter about how Paul went about it.

Cody obviously has the most reason to be bitter about Paul because he orchestrated putting him and Jess through hell while they were in the house. That was not game, that was completely personal for sure. Also, Cody respects competing. The fact that Paul was never willing to take any shots for himself and didn't own ANYTHING he did in the game could be a reason for him not to vote for Paul. And what better revenge for Paul pushing Josh to be an asshole to him and Jess than to vote for Josh to win against him.

Jason made his feelings completely clear tonight, he is not voting for Paul no matter what. He feels completely betrayed and thinks Paul is a fucking coward, game or not. Alex said it was game, but she sure didn't sound too enthusiastic with that statement, so we will see.

I was confused by Mark's comment about "he will take second place" because I am not sure who he was talking about at the time. If he sees Paul as weak for not taking any shots for himself when he easily could have, this could be a pivotal vote as well.

I think Kevin, Raven and Matt are without question votes for Paul. The only thing that might flip Raven is if Alex clues her in that Paul is the one who targeted her and Matt for their evictions and that Paul was the one who sent her out instead of Kevin in the DE. But even then, I think she believes that Paul is going to help her on the outside and will motivate her vote. Of course Matt will do whatever Raven tells him to do, so that one is not even worth commenting on. Elena is having a great time watching the others delude themselves into thinking that Paul had their back. I think she sees it all as game play and will vote that way.

Now the question is Christmas. She is a vengeful bitch, even by her own admission. If Paul wins the final and takes her out, will she vote for him? I think she is smitten with Paul and thinks they might have something outside the house, so if he sends her packing, she might see that as the door closing to anything happening. But she also may not want to be the "petty bitch" in front of her fans either, so I guess we will see.

Now I believe Josh will win hands down if he wins that final HOH and sends Paul out of the house. That will flip all the votes with the exception of Matt and Raven. Otherwise, I think Josh or Christmas are second place, but the votes will be closer than Paul is anticipating.
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Paul winner?
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