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PostSubject: Studying   Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:08 pm

Every day I watch these hg's study the dates of the house events and it makes me laugh. They rattle through them beginning with day 1 Cameron and ending with day 72 (or whatever it is) Matt. Today Christmas is almost giddy that she could rattle through them "without making a mistake" when studying with Josh. But when she gets the day number wrong and he looks at her, she corrects it and says "that's what I meant" or something like that. Well in a comp, you don't get a do over. Then I watch Paul who usually studies by himself in the apple room when doing camera talking so he can show off his prowess at remembering the dates. The thing is that remembering all this stuff in order and continually rattling it off in order does not really help them in the comps that are true/false or before/after because the don't ask was Cameron evicted before Cody. Was Dom evicted before or after Jess got the hex, or was Cody evicted before or after the Jason won the veto or whatever the case may be. Only doing this in order and rattling them off is not going to help with that.

When studying in groups you need to have someone throw questions like that at you or just pick a number like what happened on day 63? Was that before or after the frog suits were issued. Paul made this same mistake with the sounds. He did that little jingle to remember the order of the sounds but didn't pay any attention to anything else. Then when they did that temptation comp, others had to help him remember where he was. Kevin is really the only one who can answer a question off the cuff because he is the one they ask when they can't remember one. They can walk up to him and say what number day was Cody the second time and he will spit it out automatically to them. I just wish he would actually just step up and win when the comp comes around instead of sitting in a corner listening to Paul, which will only get worse once Jason leaves the game. And if he does step up and win, maybe in the DE this week, Paul will have him put up Alex and Raven unfortunately and because Alex has been shitting on him for weeks, he will do it without even a thought.

Truth be told in this kind of question comp, it will probably be over in about 3 questions and that is even if they are all trying instead of Paul telling them to throw it. Maybe things will get fucked up in the DE and Paul will end up winning it. Then he is going to have to put some cards on the table for a change.
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