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PostSubject: Re: Mark   Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:26 am

chap5788 wrote:
Mark is really between a rock and a hard place this week for sure.  Cody won safety and Jess lost temptation so is the third nominee.  Mark and Elena are going on the block.  If he wins veto and takes himself off the block, he looks selfish not only because it makes Josh have to put up someone else from their "team" on the block but it leaves Elena high and dry on the block which looks bad for him not wanting to save her.  Especially in light of everyone talking the past couple of days about if Jess and Cody are on the block and he wins veto he will absolutely use it on her.  Plus Elena will be passive aggressive with him and tell him she is happy he is safe but make it sound like he is a selfish asshole even though it was HER that said they needed to pull back off the showmance stuff and distance themselves.

Now in this situation if he wins the veto and doesn't use it on himself, he is a complete moron for sure.  You always take safety first.  But given the circumstances he looks shitty to THESE people no matter what he does.

Fuck anyone who calls you selfish for using veto on yourself. It's dumb not to.
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PostSubject: Re: Mark   Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:55 am

It will be interesting because Josh's target is El the question becomes....who will he put up...I think it should be Raven....because who would vote for a lieing, back stabbing, hypochondriac, with Leia boobs on her head?

affraid  lol!  confused  WTF?  affraid
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Shoe Goddess

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PostSubject: Re: Mark   Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:55 am

Naru wrote:
It will be interesting because Josh's target is El the question becomes....who will he put up...I think it should be Raven....because who would vote for a lieing, back stabbing, hypochondriac, with Leia boobs on her head?


“Ford... you're turning into a penguin. Stop it.”   Douglas Adams
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PostSubject: Re: Mark   Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:37 pm

Mark is either growing some balls or finally sees the writing on the wall that he is on the bottom and on the way out of the house, because he is starting to step outside the lines a bit.

First there was his confrontation with Paul after the argument. Paul just out of the blue with a room full of people asked him why he didn't say anything knowing how he feels about bullying. I think he meant to make Mark shrivel up and look stupid in front of everyone, but Mark stepped right up to him. He was calm, but there was a definitely edge to his tone. The feeds cut, so I don't know how the room was cleared but it came back to just the 2 of them and Mark owned him in that conversation. Paul kept trying to push, but Mark backed him down and made him back pedal.

Of course Paul has since then made comments about Mark thinking Josh deserved it and he was a hypocrite, but that seems to have found its way back to Mark as well, so he know where the source of that one is for sure.

Then last night he talked to Jason at the chess board. He asked him about the game and Jason in his stuttering style talked nonsense. Mark asked what his feelings were about Paul and after stammering he said that nobody knows the game like Paul, certainly not himself, and so for now he feels like he has to follow him because he has not steered him wrong yet. Mark pointed out that nobody is going to win against Paul at the end of the game, so are they there to push Paul ahead or play for themselves. Jason's wheels were turning. Mark said that Alex knows the game and there are probably others who know it too. Jason then said how you anyone even get Paul out. Mark said thing situation has to fall just right, but Jason, Alex and Kevin hold a block of votes that could easily do it if the time comes. He explained a bit more and then said it was food for thought for later in the game. He asked that he keep it secret.

Jason went to Alex but he didn't tell her this time that Mark said anything. He just said he had some weird shit running through his head about backdoors and wonders if there was a way any of them could be touched since they have the numbers. One of the scenarios he proposed to her was if her and Paul were on the block what would they do then? She said one of them would go home. Paul came in and Jason just acted like he was trying to figure out in his mind how they might get hurt if Cody wins HOH.

Then later Cody told Mark that Kevin came to him with a deal for 5 weeks of safety from them if he would keep Kevin, Jason, Alex and Paul safe. And he said that Mark was at the top of their list for Cody to go after to prove himself. He asked Mark if he was surprised and he said he wasn't. Cody asked if they should tell Elena and Mark said not to because she would lose her shit. He said one of them have to win HOH, because if Elena wins they could still sway what she does until "some more things happen." But he told Cody that if either of the 2 of them win, they are going to have to start reshaping this house.

Now will he follow through, we will see. But if he wins and targets Cody just to go along, then he is a complete moron because he will be on the short list to go next without anyone in the house who will have his back.
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PostSubject: Re: Mark   

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