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 Lastest Temptation

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Thread Hog!
Thread Hog!

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PostSubject: Lastest Temptation   Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:32 pm

10:37AM BBT: Mark and Elena talking alone in the rose bedroom about the temptation competition. "and they automatically get to compete in veto."

10:38AM BBT: Kevin and Alex in the storage room. Kevin: "Why should I play today? Paul is not going to put me up?" Alex: "because it blocks them from competing."

Kevin tells Alex that Cody and Jessica aren't going to compete in the Temptation competition. Alex tells Kevin that probably just told him that. They've lied before, they're probably lying again. Alex: "If you get put on the block as the 3rd nominee, you know you won't go home." Kevin: "I'm going to pass."

Why tell them of the consequence ...
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Lastest Temptation
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