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 Tonights eviction

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PostSubject: Tonights eviction   Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:52 pm

Currently as it stands here is the way it looks the votes will go down:

Votes to evict Jillian:

Votes to evict Christmas:

Of course, who knows what the hell Josh is going to do, but the one I can't wrap my head around is Alex. Why on earth would she vote to evict Christmas when she knows thats what Cody and Jess want. If she truly wants to take a shot at the showmances, that is the place to start. The girl is a competitor and I don't buy its to show appreciation to Cody for throwing the veto to her. If he was stupid enough to bow out that quick instead of fight for it, make him pay. The fact is, he didn't even throw it to her, he knew he was beat and he conceded
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PostSubject: Re: Tonights eviction   Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:22 pm

Alex wants to go after the other showmances and if the other side of the house wins they will target Cody and Jess which is good for her. If Jessica wins tonight, she is safe too. She is hoping that it will end up being Jess caught in the crossfire and taken out (assuming Cody would save himself with veto if given a chance) and then she can team up with Cody going forward. By doing this she also holds up her end of the deal just like Jason and Ramses did, so it is something to point at that she keeps her word when she gives it. Plus she would look pretty shady voting against someone who has been aligned with her from the start.
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Tonights eviction
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