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PostSubject: Alliances   Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:00 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Alliances   Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:24 pm

To elaborate a bit, the groups above are correct, but there are sub-groups that I wanted to point out.

Cody/Mark/Matt: This is the core bromance. But I see some doubt with Mark and Matt that they may have some problems with some of Cody's tactics. I think they are 3 pretty loyal guys, but there are definitely some cracks in the foundation.

The showmances: Cody/Jessica and Mark/Elena, and a to a lesser extent Matt/Raven. I think Jessica and Elena are a bit more into these relationships than the others. A couple of chinks in the armor is that many people thought Dom and Mark had something going early on but they apparently are only "friends" but some of their conversations seem a bit more in my opinion. Elena apparently didn't take this kind of news well and was a bit miffed by it initially. Dom backed off a bit (which was smart), but I see that this might be a problem because now Mark sneaks away to talk with Dom (sometimes pretending to play chess). Jessica seems completely smitten with Cody, but his interest in her seems a bit more physical than anything else. I think he would cut her in a hot minute if he thought she was in the way of his game. I am really hoping that her DR's show that she is just playing him for the free ride, but I think that is just a pipe dream of mine because I want to see Cody's arrogance tempered a bit.

Cody also seem to have some sort of loyalty to Alex even though he put her on the block. His group of 9 are scratching their heads (especially Jessica) because he seemed hell bent on making sure she did not go home this week. There is even speculation that he threw the POV to her to ensure she would stay. Jessica hates Alex (there is some talk of some kind of racial thing that happened with Jessica behind Alex's back, but it may have been a lie cooked up by Megan before she left the house). Jessica has tried to turn Cody against Alex, but he will not even entertain the idea of getting rid of her and has basically told Jessica he would rather she was in the group of 9 than Paul or Christmas. Last night Cody told Jessica that their group of 7 (the 9 without Paul and Christmas) are a natural, easy group, but when Christmas and Paul are a part of the equation, it gets screwed up. He doesn't trust them at all. Jessica feels allegiance to Paul because he gave her a bracelet.

Jillian/Ramses/Alex: Jillian does see herself as aligned with Alex and Ramses, but she has diarrhea of the mouth. She will tell just about ANYONE ANYTHING. Ramses told her he had the curse, but couldn't elaborate. He told her not to tell anyone, but she went and told Alex, then she told Jason, Christmas and I believe Kevin too. Every little bit of information she gets, she shares it with people. Alex does trust Jillian, but I think she is just biding her time and wants to forge a new alliance, possibly a completely secret one with Cody judging by some of their conversations. I believe Cody may be looking at Alex as a way to get Jessica out of the house when he is done with her or she starts hurting his game. Jason seems to think he is in a group with Paul and Alex, and maybe Kevin. He is another one that spills a bit too much information and is more than likely the person who will go this week.

Kevin doesn't have to be in a group because everyone in the house seems to really love him and don't see him as any threat. People share more information with him than they realize at times and he just seems to go with the flow of the group he is with. He is not really a doormat or anything, he will speak up about certain things and will talk trash at times, but I think he is playing a really good game for his personality and position in the house. Paul even said last night to the group that he would take a bullet to keep Kevin in the house until jury because he would be so much fun to hang with in the jury house and just about everyone in the room agreed.

Josh is not in ANY group. He is probably the most socially inept player I have ever seen. He makes the dumbest comments to people and most the time doesn't even realize how stupid it really is unless someone else clues him in on it. He gets completely paranoid and emotional and talks to the cameras to "explain" his behavior or comment, then goes and does it again. He says degrading things to people and then apologizes later. He is just a complete ass with no self awareness at all and has painted the biggest target on his back of anyone in the house. But some people are starting to say he is "an easy target we can take out any time" so he might be around for a bit.
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