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 Finale predictions and wishes

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PostSubject: Finale predictions and wishes   Wed Sep 21, 2016 4:14 pm

Here we are for the finale.

I'm not certain who will win final HoH but will say whoever does ends up being the season 18 winner.

If Paul wins final HoH, he wins regardless of who he takes to the end. In Nicole wins final HoH she is definitely taking James, she even said on the feeds talking to herself that she thinks Paul knows she's not taking him. Plus there is the whole preshow alliance thing.

I still think the smart move is to take James regardless. He has absolutely nothing to hang his hat on as far as gameplay goes. He did absolutely nothing and when he did have power, he simply did what the house wants.

Nicole turned it on a bit at the end and actually started playing the game but before that she did nothing but lay in bed with Corey all day.

Paul has played the game since day 1. At the start he was a train wreck and all over the place. Then once Victor got evicted he realized he was in trouble and adjusted his game. He played a pretty good floater game by going to who was in power and getting things done that he wanted done. Then Victor comes back into the house and if you remember, he told us in DR that Victor coming back was not very good for his game as he had just distanced himself from him, then he adjusted again and made it work. The only times he was in any true danger he won POV's to save himself. He played good, physically, strategically and socially. Nothing the other remaining two people can say.

Now as far as wishes go, here is what I want to see. Paul is crowned the winner, they do there little hoopla and name whoever AFP (Victor) and go to commericial. When they get back from commercial they have the cast for BBOTT on the stage. They get their intoductions and are told to enter the house. We are told "The game starts now, subscribe to CBS All Access for the BBOTT season"

I think that would be a great ending and a good hook to get people to at least check it out right away. Of course it would suck for this season players (Nicole has already complained they are going to steal her spotlight) but too bad, your time in the spotlight is over.
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PostSubject: Re: Finale predictions and wishes   Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:03 am

It went just as I had hoped even down to Victor getting AFP.
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Finale predictions and wishes
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