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 Paul's final 2 speech.

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PostSubject: Paul's final 2 speech.   Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:39 pm

Paul has been practicing his final 2 speech and it includes Nicole so it's pretty apparent that if he wins part 3 he will keep his word and take her.  I'm no so sure Nicole will return the favor.  I still think Paul wins against either and if Nicole takes him she is giving away $450,000
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PostSubject: Re: Paul's final 2 speech.   Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:10 pm

The other night Nicole had a frank conversation with James and she almost seemed to be preparing him for her not to take him to the final 2. James in true James fashion basically didn't fight for himself in any way and then said they would still be friends after the show no matter what happens. That is all well and good, I am sure many of them will remain friends after the show (some definitely won't), but that is not the time to just play if off like he is okay with any decision she makes. He said he just wanted to talk to her because he would be beating himself up if he "didn't try to do everything he could" before finale night. I almost laughed at that because if that is "all he could" then he deserves to be sent to the jury.

I really thought that Nicole had made the decision to take Paul and while I think Paul should win, I don't think it will be the slam dunk many people think it will be or SHOULD be. I have listed the reasons before and won't go through it once again, but I looked at the Joker's poll and they ask you to select who the jury will vote for in each of the 3 scenarios of final 2 combinations. Then you are asked who WILL win BB18 and who SHOULD win BB18. The poll shows Paul being named the winner in the SHOULD and WILL categories. But the funny thing is that when you look at how people selected who each jury member will vote for, it comes out that Nicole wins against James 6-3 and against Paul 5-4 and James wins 5-4 against Paul.

I know that Joker's is not the most reliable website by any stretch of the imagination, but they have been pretty accurate in these types of situations for many seasons. People can only vote if they sign in and it will not let you vote a second time (I tried it to test it out). I just find it interesting that people think (and I do too) that Paul SHOULD win the game, but when you start counting votes it doesn't come out that way. I think calling Mich the "C" word is going to come back to haunt Paul at the end.
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Paul's final 2 speech.
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