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 Eviction schedule released

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PostSubject: Eviction schedule released   Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:53 pm

It looks like there may not be a 2nd DE after all.

Look at what I found:


Quote :
With an extra HG back in the game the house suspects they’ll be seeing another Double Eviction coming up and it’s also what I thought they’d do this season but a new release of Big Brother 18 schedule details shows that may not be happening.

CBS has released the upcoming live show schedule through On Camera Audiences, a site where fans can site up for free tickets to live shows tapings, and it looks like we might not be getting a Double Eviction after all.

The remaining live show tapings are scheduled for the following days all the way to finale night:
•Thurs, Sept. 1st – 6 HGs left
•Thurs, Sept. 8th – 5 HGs left
•Mon, Sept. 12th – 4 HGs left
•Wed, Sept. 14th – 3 HGs left
•Wed, Sept. 21st – Finale & winner revealed

The next two Thursdays will have traditional schedule shows but after that we’ve got a few changes. The Monday show suggests we’ll get a Fast Forward week instead of a Double Eviction. That’s a compressed series of events over a few days instead of a regular week or instead of a DE’s one-night round of chaos. They might end up taping that on Monday and airing it another day instead of broadcasting it live. We don’t have CBS’s primetime schedule yet for that far out so I’m not sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Eviction schedule released   Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:07 pm

Thanks for the information Ctown. I think I would have rather had a double eviction because they are usually pretty dramatic, but a fast forward is the next best thing I guess.
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Eviction schedule released
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