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 Exit interviews

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PostSubject: Exit interviews   Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:26 am

I thought I would start this thread for people to post questions they would like to see Julie ask the hg's when they are evicted. I am sure most of the questions I will post have no chance of happening, but it is fun throw them out there anyway.

To Paulie:
You talked about playing the game for your aunt who has cancer and swore on her life as proof you were telling the truth about deals you were offering. Is this true or was it a despicable strategy you used to try to stay in the game?

You said on many occasions you learned this game from Derrick and ran his playbook through your course in the game. Derrick was never put up on the block. So, why are you sitting here?

You told Zak you could not kiss her goodbye on eviction night out of respect for your family. So why was it okay to have sex with her on numerous occasions on the live feeds when you know your father watches the live feeds?

You have threatened to leave the jury house if there is no juror battle back option, why are you such a sore loser?
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Exit interviews
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