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 Right back where we started

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PostSubject: Right back where we started   Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:32 pm

Its painfully obvious that Paul is running right back to Paulie.  He played james hard. Why james used that cancel on paul is mind boggling.  This whole thing with keeping michele is testament to Paulie back to running the house, i expected corey to useveto on bridgette and put up Nat, but after having time to think about it, paulie told him to keep the same and vote out bridgette and they all fell in like loyal soldiers. 

Right now, nicole is trying to smooth things over with michele and i really hope michelle wins hih and puts nicole and paulie up.  Natalie might have the balls to do that as well, but i can see james going back to trying to lay low.  Paulie is right now telling paul that ja,ess betray them and needs to go.  This played right into pauls hands, why do you think he wanted his vote gone
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PostSubject: Re: Right back where we started   Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:55 am

I said when the talks started that it was shady that Paul wanted his voted axed so he could play the middle and I thought James would figure that out. But that group was so set on keeping Paulie in the dark right up to the eviction that they were blinded by evidence right in front of them.

Now if James lays back and doesn't have a conversation at least with Corey and Nicole (the people he tried to tell the girls he trusted) and let them know that Paul and Victor were 100% on board with everything and Paul contributed to all the drama, he deserves to be evicted.

Those asshats keep talking about loyalty in the group and it being paramount but none of them know what loyalty is in any sense of the word. The only actual loyalty I see is Corey to Paulie (he is advocating for this scumbag as we speak) and Nicole to Corey.

At this point I want to see Paulie and Paul end up on the block on eviction night. The week of campaigning would be priceless and then ALL secrets will be on the table moving forward.
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Right back where we started
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