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 Paulies game officially blown up

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PostSubject: Paulies game officially blown up   Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:26 pm

And he is too stupid and stuborn to realize. Lots of stuff went down last night after I went to bed and am just now reading up on it. Found a great site for recaps and it's very accurate:


Here's a rundown of things that happened throughout the night. Even Paul is tired of Paulies shit, I've highlighted some of the things as well:

Quote :

12:00-1:00 AM: Bridgette asked James what’s going on. James said typical, everyday Big Brother stuff. James said he is not used to all of the strategizing. Bridgette said she isn’t either but they are making a big move and they need to do it cleanly. The girls attempted to get James to share information about his conversations with the other side. James wouldn’t give up much info. Natalie said if they want to give Paulie and Nicole $500,000, enjoy it. Natalie told Michelle she is worried that James is regretting the decision. Bridgette told James that America would respect if he were to go balls out. Michelle said America likes the underdog. James pointed out that there are the underdogs on one side, the strong side on the other and then there is him. James said a lot of people are going to be pissed off. Michelle said there were only be three people pissed off. Bridgette asked if James is voting for Michelle to stay. James said he is. Bridgette said they need to grow a pair, pull this off and hope for another care package. Natalie said James is giving off a weird vibe. James said the same about Natalie. Michelle told James he has to be 100% with them because those three on the other side will screw him over if he stays with them. Natalie said James is not making her feel good yet she went out there and blew herself up today. Natalie said everyone needs to stop playing like babies. James assured the girls that he is sticking by his woman. He said he can say that Natalie started the charge and he has to have her back and see it through. Natalie told James that she will make out with him if Michelle stays tomorrow. After James went to the diary room, Paulie told Natalie that she will be next. He told her that she is as fake as the things on her chest. Paulie then told Natalie that if she thinks that anybody is buying what she is selling, she is wrong.

1:00-2:00 AM: Word of Paulie’s comment to Natalie quickly spread throughout the house. James came out of the diary room and was filled in on what happened by Nicole. James said he does not support the bashing of his woman. He said this is a game. James said he doesn’t find it funny. James wanted to confront Paulie. Paul told him not to shoot himself in the foot. Natalie told him not to because she is fine. Paul asked what Paulie was talking to him about earlier. James said Paulie claims that Bridgette and Paul were conspiring to take him out. Paul said he is hot and wants to blow the lid off of this. James mentioned that people were laughing about what was said, specifically Nicole and Corey. Natalie said they make fun of everyone. James and Bridgette headed up to the HoH room where Corey, Victor, Paul and Paulie were. Paulie told James about the comment he made with regards to Natalie being as fake as the things on her chest. Bridgette said it sounds like a personal attack. Paulie said Natalie has been attacking him and playing games. Bridgette said Natalie is not playing any games. Paulie said she should shut her mouth then. James reminded everyone that this is a game and that they need to keep things on a game level. Bridgette called Paulie out for talking about Natalie’s boobs. Paulie said it was a metaphor for Natalie’s personality. Bridgette replied “nice one, Paulie”. Natalie made her way upstairs. Paulie asked Natalie why she has said half the things that she has. Natalie said because it’s the truth.

2:00-3:00 AM: Natalie told Paulie that the way he has been treating Zakiyah is not very nice. They talked about the flirting that goes on. Paulie accused Natalie of being hypocritical, because she complains that he flirts with her but she flirts with every guy in the house. Paulie said nobody else takes his flirting any type of way, so Natalie needs to get over herself. Paulie said the only reason that Natalie isn’t on the block every week is because of James, yet she doesn’t even appreciate what he does. Natalie told Paulie not to ever bring James into this. James told Paulie that Natalie thanks him a lot. The back and forth continued, with Paulie raising his voice throughout. Paulie told Natalie that she is full of it when she claimed not to flirt with Corey, Paul or himself. Natalie told everyone to have a good night and left the room. Bridgette asked if Paulie is going to deny that Zakiyah, who was in the room, was the target at the beginning of the week. Paulie said Zakiyah was not his target. Bridgette said that’s not what Paulie said. Bridgette said the comment that Paulie made went too far. He argued that Natalie has done worse. Bridgette told Paulie that he seems pretty defensive. Corey stepped in and said Natalie is the fakest person in the house. Paulie told Bridgette that if she is trying to make him feel bad, he feels nothing. Paulie said Bridgette’s comments do not affect him. Bridgette said she still has a right to voice them. Bridgette eventually headed downstairs. She told Michelle and Nicole that she defended Natalie but no one was backing her up. Michelle said she will go do it. Bridgette said Michelle is a woman and they don’t respect what they say.

3:00-4:00 AM: Zakiyah said they may keep Michelle and send her home. Paulie questioned who “they” is. he told Zakiyah that Michelle is going home. Meanwhile, Michelle asked James if they are still good for tomorrow. James said yeah. Paulie told Zakiyah that she is not going home because nobody is going to cross him, especially after what just happened. Paul told James that what just happened opened his eyes even more. He noted that Paulie pointed the finger at he and Victor when it had nothing to do with the conversation. Paul asked if the plan is still the same. Natalie said yes. James and Paul shook on it. James said Paulie is going to be so pissed tomorrow. Natalie said it will be the best day of her life. Natalie said she wanted to blow things up, it happened and she is really excited about it. James said he hopes that America is ready for a show tomorrow.

4:00-5:00 AM: Michelle told Paulie that she was going to blow up his game in her speech tomorrow but she is glad that he did it tonight. Paulie said Michelle is out of her mind if she thinks that his game is blown up. Michelle said it’s toast. Michelle the reference a story that Paulie had told, saying she is glad America doesn’t have to see someone win $500,000 that will pick up random girls at the bar and then spend $800 on them to leave them in Vegas. Paulie said they saw a superfan that sucks at the game. Michelle said she would put money on it that Paulie will not win. He asked how much, mentioning $500,000. Michelle said sure. Paulie told her that she will not have that money. Michelle said the same back to him. Michelle then headed to the bedroom. She yelled through the wall that hopefully she has the ticket back. Paulie said he will send her right back out. Michelle said she is not afraid of Paulie, saying he is only 5’7 or 5’8.

So even if they swing and miss at Paulie, he is on borrowed time in the house, everyone now wants him out. He may be able to smooth things over for a short period, but nobody is going to trust him any longer.

On another note, I guess Cody and his Dad did a YouLive thing last night where they just ripped Natalie apart. So now Paulie needs his family to fight his battles for him in the house as well. They think it is going to detract people from voting Natalie as AFP when all it does is solidifies it.
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Paulies game officially blown up
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