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V.I.P. Thread Hog

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PostSubject: Corey   Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:42 pm

I think there was already a thread for him, but I am too lazy to go back and look. He doesn't really do anything, so it won't be too active, but I have noticed something and heard a conversation he and Nicole had a few weeks ago that I wanted to share.

Coming into the game, one would think he would do pretty well in comps. He is athletic, has been involved in athletics for most of his life and he seemed to be at least average intelligence. Then we have seen his performance and could see that impression was definitely wrong.

Then I heard him and Nicole having a conversation a couple of weeks ago about taking Adderall. My first thought was good grief not again. Every year there are at least a few people in the house on Adderall (or something similar) that they really don't seem to need, but use it as an enhancement to help them perform better in comps. For some it does seem to help and others, not sure if I see any difference. But, the fact remains that we have seen a lot of it in past seasons.

So, Corey told Nicole that he takes Adderall on a regular basis for ADD. He said he doesn't climb the walls or anything, it just keeps him focused because sometimes he "completely drifts off" when he doesn't take it. They talked about it more and he said it is not a very high dose. She mentioned something about not seeing him go to the DR regularly for it, and he said he doesn't have it in the house with him. She said it sounded like he needs it so why would he not have it with him in the house. He said that production told him that it has been viewed as an enhancement for comps in the past so he decided to just do without it.

Now when I heard this conversation, I went back to listen to the whole conversation to see if he was using this as an excuse for not doing well in comps, but they were just talking about life outside the house and such, comps were not the main topic. Then I thought it was kind of off the wall because if you have a prescribed medication why the hell would you not use it. I didn't think much more of the conversation other than wondering if production actually did tell potential hg's this because there has been some flack about people using it for comps in the past.

Then I started watching Corey in group settings and things. He has always had those crazy eyes that I believe Naru first commented on way early in the game, but he really does drift off in the middle of conversations at times. He seems completely lost somewhere else and doesn't even realize it. It is very weird to watch and it happens more and more all the time. I am wondering if this really is interfering with him being able to do well in comps. The ice cream scoop comp, he began by copying Tiff and when that went south he did it himself and was okay. Then he TRIED to throw it to Paul as instructed, but Paul was doing absolutely terrible (now Paul says he threw that comp but after it he was pissed Corey didn't throw it to him). Then he seemed to get his focus and did beat Paulie. It is like when the focus comes in, he is normal, but when he loses that focuses it is almost like a complete out of body experience for him.

Like I said, I am not trying to make excuses for him or anything, personally I think he is just coasting and not really doing anything, but I DO see something going on and wanted to share it with everyone.
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V.I.P. Thread Hog

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PostSubject: Re: Corey   Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:35 pm

Interesting, I haven't been able to follow the show so it helps when you guys tell us all the good juicy stuff that CBS leaves out.
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