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 Paulie/Zakiyah fight transcript

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PostSubject: Paulie/Zakiyah fight transcript   Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:39 pm

Wow, jokerso actually has something useful besides time stamps.  Here is a full transcript of the Paulie/Zakiyah fight from the feeds last night.

The whole thing is stupid and goes to show how much Paulie has been using her and now is trying to separate himself form her.  It's a very long read, but detailed and accurate

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PostSubject: Re: Paulie/Zakiyah fight transcript   Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:24 pm

After treating her like dirt and calling her out for things that are completely stupid, she gores running right back to him and SHE apologizes to HIM for EVERYTHING. She reminds of a dog who has a master that abuses him on a regular basis, but the dog remains loyal to that master.

I get they are playing a game and if it were just their interactions and fights then I would say, okay Paulie is a jerk and she is an idiot to put up with it, but they are both playing their respective games (user and floater). But, many things about this "relationship" smacks of an abusive relationship and he seems to take great pleasure in making her squirm and degrading her completely. I mean he treats her like this and is trying to get everyone to target her in the next couple of evictions, but then he has sex with her in the bumper car?

Last night she was basically giving him a lap dance out in the open in front of everyone and whining to go to bed and he just laid there. Day had to tell her that her ass was hanging out and told her to put on some pants under the dress. Then they retired to their bumper car where they had a little "session" and he goes to the HOH room and tells all the guys he is pissed because she gave him a hickie and he didn't even know she did it until Nat pointed it out. This kind of behavior is just scumbag and uncalled for.

And I am not usually in the business of blaming the victim, but every time I feel bad for her, she puts herself right back in that position, and she doesn't have to go as far as she does. Game or not, it is not worth the dignity she is losing in doing so.

Paulie keeps saying his family would disown him if he did any kind of sex acts in the house. Well guess what Paulie, EVERYONE knows and has seen it. He is some kind of scumbag and I would guess his parents are mortified right now. And no, I don't think she should disown him, but I am guessing a good lecture on how to treat a woman and how to conduct himself would definitely be in order.
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Paulie/Zakiyah fight transcript
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