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PostSubject: Michelle   Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:20 pm

I am starting to like this girl. I haven't been able to figure her out at times, but she is really starting to play the game and I like it. She is really the one who is behind the "save Tiffany" thing, but she made Day believe it was her idea on the first attempt and then made Nicole think it was her idea on the second attempt. She is also the one who kept pushing that they need to just put Frank and Bridgette both on the block to make sure one goes home.

It is funny because she is so insecure about her appearance and her body at times, but shows such confidence at others. She is not afraid to open her mouth in some situations (biting back at Frank), but kind of vulnerable to comments at other times. Like she was obsessed with Bridgette getting out of the house because of her comment about shaving Michelle's eyebrows off if she passed out again. So the personal does come into it, but there is game savvy in it too.

I believe that she said in her bio or pre-show interview that she wanted to egg people on to do things to blow up their own games without her being shown to be at fault and I have seen signs of this coming into play. You can almost see the switch flip when she is in game mode and when she is just chillin and going with the flow. I think we need to start watching this girl.

Here is another situation where some DR sessions would be VERY HELPFUL and make things more interesting. She has a very dry wit and I think they would be very entertaining and informative.
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