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 Saving Tiffany

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PostSubject: Saving Tiffany   Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:44 pm

I was sick yesterday and missed out on a lot. I still have some conversations to go back and watch, but it looks like Tiffany IS going to be saved. Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Zak and Michelle are voting to keep her, but supposedly planned to keep Day and James out of the loop. When I saw them make that little pact I thought it was completely stupid. Then I realized that there would be a couple of them who would want to be "the one" to tell James and/or Day to keep on their good side.

Paulie and Corey got up later after most were in bed and decided they needed to let Day and James in on the situation. James came in and Paulie just kind of threw it out there to James, but he was not receptive so Paulie backtracked. THIS is a mistake that Paulie and Corey will regret going forward.

I look for Michelle to take Day aside and tell her the vote is flipped, but they want to keep James in the dark to keep the numbers close so they can all deny it to Frank and drive him crazy. Day will be pissed that Nicole and Zak did not clue her in about it and will go straight to James to tell him that the others are excluding them from the vote and are saving Tiffany.

I could also see Nicole going to Day and telling her that "the boys" came to her last night and said they were going to vote to keep Tiffany after all, and "they" didn't want to tell James because he doesn't want to vote out Bronte and they didn't want to tell Day for the vote count, but SHE (Nicole) wanted Day to know about it anyway. Then the same kind of stuff will ensue. Depending on who is the person to go to Day with this information will determine what Day does next. She will still target Frank, but she is going to go like a vengeance to spotlight the couples (Nicole/Corey and Zak/Paulie) even more than she has been with her planting of seeds.

When Nicole went to Tiffany and told her that they have 5 solid votes to keep her and told her a lot has been happening and she will sit down with her after the eviction and answer all her questions, Tiffany was thankful but her radar was up too, which it SHOULD be. Paulie had diarrhea of the mouth in front of Tiffany and the others were not helping either. She managed to find out that she was absolutely going home and everyone in the house knew about it, but didn't tell her. She confirmed that this was Frank's decision and all of them were going along with it, so obviously they were working directly with Frank all along. There was more information in those little discussions and you could tell she was taking mental notes.

I get that they want a close vote so Frank's mind explodes trying to figure out who is lying about voting, but this is going to blow up in their faces. Too many of these people don't know how to keep their mouths shut.

I have been watching Nicole playing both sides the last few days and at times I thought she was completely stupid and at other times I thought she was making some great decisions. But, if SHE does not attempt to clue in James and Day somehow, then she is an idiot. I understand why she is trying to paint a target on Day's back because Day is too observant about things and also plants seeds about her and Corey in an open forum all the time which is dangerous for her. This is what is hurting Day, she does not stick with anyone. She will talk to one person and plants seeds about people between the players in her alliance. That will help later but she started doing it way too early and now she looks shady to those who probably would have trusted her.
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Saving Tiffany
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