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 POV week 2

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PostSubject: POV week 2   Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:44 am

The players for the POV were Paulie, Bronte, Paul, Tiffany, Zak and Day. Apparently Paulie pulled Paul's name so he had "houseguest choice" and he chose............wait for it.................Zak! No he did not choose Victor! The reason you ask? Because last night Frank and Paulie told Paul he should choose someone weak to make his chances better to win the veto. And they told him this with Victor right there and they were both okay with it! Can they actually find people any dumber than this? Sometimes I think we are being punked by BB because nobody is this stupid!

Anyway, Paulie won the veto and he plans to remove Paul and put up Victor. And after veto was over, Victor is walking around the house just fine about everything.

I get that Paul is trying to prove something to Paulie and Frank for his survival in the game. But he has also told Victor and Bronte that they are sitting ducks for the others to just pick off one by one, and he knows in his gut that there is nothing he can do about it. Why would you NOT take a chance and just go ahead and pick Victor. If it works and Victor wins, they are both safe this week and can fight for another week with both of them there. If it doesn't work, they already told Paul the house wants Victor gone worse than they do him so he still has a chance to stay in the house. Hell he could even sell it that he freaked out and just blurted out Victor's name or something.

So, Frank and Paulie were lucky that their nominee was absolutely clueless, stupid and gullible, otherwise this whole plan could have backfired on them.
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POV week 2
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