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 Pushing too hard?

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MOD Goddess
MOD Goddess

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PostSubject: Pushing too hard?   Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:41 pm

Do you guys think that Frank is pushing a bit too hard to get his agenda across?
I ask this because of this:

Fri 6:35 PM BBT Frank mentioned he doesn't want to James to go up. Frank jokes & said that they will get Michelle up & Michelle is in room & they all laugh.

Fri 6:37 PM BBT Frank after jokingly saying Michelle can go up & all 4 laughing says with DAY or they can get Tiffany to go up & they all laugh.

I've noticed he does this a lot. Makes a joke but he is doing it to be able to say he was joking and that he wasn't serious when it is obvious that he was.

What do you think?

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V.I.P. Thread Hog

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PostSubject: Re: Pushing too hard?   Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:35 am

Naru, in this case he was actually kidding and giving Michelle a hard time, but you are still right he does push his agenda all the time. He goes off and makes moves and has talks with people outside the alliance and binds the rest of them into what he is doing. He and Paulie wonder why the girls in the alliance are getting nervous and anxious about things, it's because he goes off on his own and does whatever and tells them after the fact.

Frank seems to want to have the entire house on his side and then use them as he sees fit. This is going to backfire on him because he keeps pushing what HE thinks is best and then gets pissed when others don't agree with him. That alliance has a lot of information on Frank and it would only take a few comments for those people who are willing to work with him from outside of the alliance to turn on him.
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Pushing too hard?
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