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 Veto ceremony

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PostSubject: Veto ceremony   Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:06 pm

The veto ceremony took place yesterday, instead of the usual Monday. I think that's is due to being the first week and should get back on schedule next week. Any how, as expected, Paul used veto on himself and Bridgette is the replacement. Paul finally took off the veto necklace as well. He knows so little about the game he may have thought he had to wear it the whole time. He even asked someone if he could take it off. He also asked someone if they ever noms will get to give a speech before the eviction vote. Jozea and Victor didn'the know. Obviously have not seen a single season of the show.
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PostSubject: Re: Veto ceremony   Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:34 pm

Ctown, I have listened to countless conversations of these guys and you are right, they know NOTHING about this game. Hell Paul and Jozea were convinced the live eviction was going to be on Sunday because they didn't think BB would make them wait all those days to get it over with!

Apparently Jozea did not know that he would give a speech to Paul about using the veto and he explained to Bronte and Zak last night that his speech was just a part of their group's game. He knew Paul would use it on himself, because that was "the plan." He explained that he said those things for effect only. It sounds like he told Paul he should use the veto on him and from what I know of Jozea, he was probably making an actual plea.

And this one is my favorite, when Jozea's group gets down to their core 6 or 7 (or whatever the number is today cuz it changes), he said they will battle in the comps and then AS A GROUP they will decide who should go on the block. Some people may feel they belong on the block or the group can vote, and if there comes a time when the group thinks it should be him, he is okay with that. Then there is no stress, they are just chillin and playing the game! I honestly think he thinks his group loves him sooooo much that if they did get down to their group, they would all want him to remain in the game until the end.

Every day I listen to these 3 guys (Victor, Paul, Jozea) and I think "that is the stupidest thing I have heard them say"..................then they top it again!
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Veto ceremony
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