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 Missed opportunities

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PostSubject: Missed opportunities   Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:22 pm

Missed opportunities or bad decisions can make or break someone's game each season. The "what if's" and the second guessing are all part of the game, weighing risk versus reward.

Obviously Shelli is realizing that saving Austin and sending Jason home was her biggest mistake in the game. She even had a second chance to "right" that wrong by voting to keep him. Sure Vanessa would have taken some convincing, but how hard would it have been to do that?

Johnny Mac is realizing that putting all his eggs in Clay and Shelli's basket was the wrong thing for him to do. Now he really has no other relationships in the house except for Becky and Steve, but both of them are only "secretly" with him and really don't tell him everything that is going on (much the same as Shelli and Clay have done all game). So, he is desperately trying to find a group to work with and has really no idea how to do it.

In thinking about these things, I started thinking about this week alone and there are so many missed opportunities for many of the hg's that I think they are going to look back and regret they did this or that just as much.

This week Shelli assumed that Becky had her saved this week. She kept James as her target with Meg and Jackie as backup and did not even TRY to interact with them even on a personal level in any way. She kept hanging out with the twins or Johnny Mac and Steve instead of just generally integrating herself back into the social aspect of the game. An early conversation with James would have gone a LONG way in helping her right now. When Meg went to her and Clay last week to try to figure out if what she said about Austin was true or not, Clay and Shelli both treated her like she was a piece of gum they had to scrape off their shoe. Shelli could have pulled Meg aside and apologized for having done that. Then there is the shirt fiasco that Shelli just couldn't help herself from doing which was actually probably the catalyst that got James talking about his feelings about sending Vanessa out instead of Shelli. All these little things have pretty much sealed her fate this week.

Johnny Mac has only been talking game with Steve (who keeps him at arm's length) and Shelli (who has 1 foot out the door), so this is not going to help him going forward. He and Becky are kind of together, but she just uses him when it suits her. He has information that could swing the vote this week or at the very least garner some favor with James' group. Vanessa has been courting him a bit telling him he is not a target for her and they could work something out for the coming weeks along with Steve. I think if Johnny Mac were to have a conversation with James' and tell him that he wants to vote with the house. Maybe tell him that he was in a secret alliance with Shelli and Clay, but it became clear that they were just using him (kind of like they did to James), especially when Shelli picked Vanessa as hg's choice in the veto instead of him this week. Vanessa was supposed to be the target, but Shelli chose Vanessa so both of them could have ended up safe and he was left swinging in the wind and probably going on the block. So, at this point he doesn't care which one of them go out the door, but he doesn't want to be stuck working with Vanessa and the twins either. I think James' interest may be perked by some of this information, and while it might not switch the vote this week, it just might be Johnny's chance to get into a group at least somewhat. Then he can pull off a win and help that group to build some trust. He is already on the expendable list, so why the hell not take that chance.

Steve is another one who is missing opportunities because he is scared to death to tell an outright lie to anyone and he wants NO BLOOD on his hands in any way shape or form. He knows Vanessa has been lying to him for weeks about plans in the house. She even lied to him about that 8-person deal last week and now he has found out that Vanessa came up with the plan and was the ringleader of it. He knows he is the expendable person with her group even though they supposedly have a final 2. Vanessa also threatens him and verbally abuses him at times to make him think a certain way. On the other hand, Shelli shows him some respect and he genuinely likes to work with her and Johnny Mac. He could very easily have slanted this week to get Vanessa out of the house without much effort at all. He has a very good rapport with Jackie for some reason, so a key conversation with her gets him off the target list, could keep Shelli in the game and put Austin and the twins in the minority of the house. Telling Jackie that he has a final 2 deal with Vanessa that she forced him into (not exactly true, but very believable given the participants are Vanessa and Steve). Also tell him there is a secret alliance of Vanessa, Austin and the twins with him as an extra member that Vanessa keeps on the outside. That alliance pulled in Shelli and Clay and forced them into situations with deals and threats to keep themselves safe. So, if Vanessa goes out of the house, Austin and the twins are alone. If she stays, the 4 of them are together and will try to drag Steve along which gives them the numbers.

All of these things could have changed the course of the games and they seem so small at the time. All this being said, I can understand both sides of the argument for James' group to send Shelli out or keep her this week, but one big reason that they are pretty much discounting is that if Shelli stays she is more likely to see the block no matter which side wins HOH, but if Austin or the twins win HOH, Vanessa will not see the block plain and simple and that is pretty scary.
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Missed opportunities
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