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 Halfway point

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PostSubject: Halfway point   Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:42 am

We are now at the halfway point of the season. How do you rate the reamining HG's at this point:

Right now is in a very good position, but will be a future target. Getting out of the mess he was in was a stroke of pure luck. Now him and the twins are the "power group" but it's only a matter of time before they cut him. Julia will drop him in a heartbeat

Who? This girl has no chance. It's apparent she still doesn't know how to play the game. Why someone would choose to be a mle for the teo people on the block is beyond me. If you are going to be a floater, you are supposed to work for hte group that is actually in power

May be going home this week, but may stay, it keeps going back and forth. Either way, without Sheli he has no chance at all and will soon be going home.

Has really came on pretty strong the past couple weeks. Jeff leaving lit a fire under her ass. If she can win another HoH she will definitely establish herself.

The only one to really make a big move so far this year. But it may have put a huge target on his back. It will come down to who goes home this week. If Shelli goes home, he is in a good position, but if she stays, Shelli and Vanessa will make him public enemy #1

This guy is still an enigma. No idea what he will end up doing but needs to start winning some HoH's, he will eventually stop being a pawn and become a target.

She will be the first of the twins to go. Maybe even before Austin. This is because she keeps defending him despite telling people she doesn't like him that way. Also she plays personal instead of game, could be her downfall

Has a legit chance. She's showed sign of legit gameplay and still doesn't trust Austin.

I still think Meg is in a very good spot. She is currently not a target, people will go after James and Jackie before going after her. She also has a good relationship with the remaining HG's

If she stays, she can be very dangerous. Clay needs her more than she needs Clay. The downside of Clay going home for her is that she will have to do the dirty work herself will manipulating pawns and such. But she's always told him what to tell people so it's not like she doesn't know what needs to be said, just wants someone else to do it.

His non social game will be his downfall. Nobody knows where he's at and can't get a read on him. The plus for him is the observant challenges will be coming up and he knows those like the back of his hand.

A few weeks ago she was playing the best game of anyone. That all changed when she sent Jason packing. Sure, she didn't catch the initial backlash on it, but she's certainly catching the aftermath. Austin was a small chain in the alliance, kept him for the number but now is likely to lose Shelli or Clay. If Shelli leaves, her game is all but over. Her paranoia runs rampant and it's obvious to everyone that she has deals with everyone
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PostSubject: Re: Halfway point   Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:04 pm

Austin: He is in a pretty good spot right now, but Vanessa will be his downfall in the game. He built something with James, Meg and Jackie this week, even in the face of some dirty laundry coming out. But, Vanessa keeps pushing the envelope, now wants him to stage a fight with Shelli and all that bullshit. He keeps saying he thinks the smart move is to let Shelli go because they still have numbers, but she isn't listening. If he grows a pair, or Liz pushes him to do what THEY want for a change, then he could possibly outlast Vanessa. If not, he will go very soon.

Becky: She thinks she knows the game so well. When she was contacted about going on the show, she said she cut out all her social life and did nothing but study the show and episodes. Sorry, but this is not going to get you to understand the game. She reminds me of a grade school girl that is the teacher's pet and when the teacher is out of the room and anyone is doing something wrong, she stands up to spout the rules and why they should not be doing it. If she could string together a couple of wins and sticks with James and Jackie, and pulls in Johnny Mac to their side, she might have a chance, but I just don't think she has the brain power to figure it out.

Clay: Could still be going home. Vanessa just won't let it go. She is now telling everyone that James is bullying them into voting out Shelli and is now coming up with another stupid plan. If he stays this week and survives this first eviction, he would possibly go far in the game, but he has to cut Vanessa as soon as possible. He knows in his gut that she has shit on their game, but Shelli has kept telling him all along they need to stick with her.

Jackie: Jeff put her in a corner to keep attention off of the 2 of them while he went around and played a stupid game. When he left, she actually started to play. She is not well versed in the game and tends to trust the "alliance" word a little too quickly. She has a lot of spunk and like James will not be afraid to make a big move. If she can win a couple more comps, we just might see her in the final 4.

James: More guts than anyone this season plain and simple. He hurt himself by changing his way of playing for a few weeks and throwing comps, but the original James that walked through the door day 1 is back. If he can survive the next couple of evictions, he could see the final 4 as well. Listening to Meg has helped him a bit, but he needs to stop listening to her with respect to Clay. Meg has a complete blind spot for Clay thinking that they can rekindle their bond once Shelli is gone. I guess it could happen at some point, but it will be at the expense of James.

Johnny Mac: Just when I believe I understand what he is doing, he does something that completely blows the thought process out of the water. He is weirdly attached to Clay and by extension Shelli. He is very loyal to the 2 of them, but did tell Becky that he screwed up and hurt Clay and Shelli's game with Jackie by a comment he made and they were mad at him, but he said he wasn't going down with a sinking ship. He is very independent and is now at the top of Vanessa's target list (even above James at this point). They tried to pull him into Vanessa's most current plot and telling him that James was a bully, but Johnny just simply said he doesn't think James is a bully and he wouldn't put him up anyway, he has "other targets" and one of them is to break up the twins. If he can survive the eviction this week and doesn't attach himself to Clay on Vanessa's side, he could really go a long way in the game. BUT he is going to have to win something soon and garner some respect.

Liz: I agree she will be the first of the twins to be sent packing. She is a better competitor than Julia and is much more of an emotional player than Julia as well. Plus she is attached to Austin and Julia, sending her home is the smart play to break that shit up because Julia is NOT going to be riding the game with Austin by any stretch of the imagination. If she gets power and Vanessa tries to push her to do something she doesn't really want to do, I can see her push back and Vanessa may orchestrate her departure.

Julia: She is much smarter and read people a lot better than Liz. But she is not very good at comps and has a bit of a case of diarrhea of the mouth. She kind of says what occurs to her without thinking about the person she is saying it to. If Liz goes out before her, she will do everything she can to avenge her sister's eviction without regard to good game play. She could possibly squeak by if she trusts the right person.

Meg: Her social game is very good, but she needs to spend a bit more time thinking about the upcoming comps. When people try to quiz her, she is done with them rather quickly and says her head is swimming or something. Her downfall will be trusting Clay if he stays in the game. She already told her group last night that she will not be able to put him on the block if she wins this week! WHAT, are you kidding me? She wants to get Vanessa or Steve out, which is an okay plan, but she has to do SOMETHING to help the alliance other than just be a social butterfly. That being said, I can see her getting to the final 4 and getting axed because she is too well-liked in jury.

Shelli: She was in a great position until she let her paranoia override her brain. She was the driving force to save Austin simply because Austin and someone else told her that nobody was happy about Vanessa picking her to play POV and didn't celebrate when Clay won veto. This was explained to her a number of times that they didn't want to celebrate in Becky's face who was crying that she was going to stay on the block when she volunteered to be there. But, once she decided that Austin had to be saved for number's sake, she would not listen to anything else and sent someone out of the house who would not have put her up this week. She even had a second chance to save him with her votes, but she STILL didn't do it. If she survives a couple of evictions, I believe she will win this game. Her downfall, if she has one, will be her trust in Vanessa. Vanessa will lead her down a garden path and she will follow and then be pushed off a cliff.

Steve: He is playing way too scared. He is expecting Vanessa to protect him all the way through the game. His philosophy of always keeping bigger targets in the game is going to bite him in the ass. He seems to forget that if you have a target on the ropes that can actually beat you in the comps you are very good at, you have to send them out of the house. Shelli is that person, but he keeps pushing to keep her in the game and Vanessa is listening to every word. His targets also make no sense. His biggest target now is Becky (for whatever reason). Becky is perceived as pretty much a floater in the house. So, why would he want to target another floater in the house because that moves him up the "pawn/floater" list? Doesn't make sense to me. If he actually starts trying and winning some comps, he might make it a week or two, but unless Vanessa throws everyone else to the wolves to save him going forward, I see him going shortly.

Vanessa: She had this game in her hands, but she is such a control freak that she keeps screwing it up. She is absolutely addicted to power and control, and the adrenaline rush she gets from calling someone out or executing a risky plan is something she just can't do without. Now she has this hair-brained idea to have Shelli and Clay throw Becky under the bus because she is two-faced (pot.....meet kettle) to make her a bigger target and then they can draw in Johnny Mac. This will blow up in her face because Johnny Mac already dislikes Vanessa and I think this will actually piss him off because the 3 of them used her like that. He just might get motivated to win HOH this week and put up Vanessa and one of the twins as a result. At this point, saving Shelli is more about Vanessa "winning" the tug-o-war for power on the final decision than anything else. The twins and Austin are getting sick of her pushing them to do things that are not good for their game and may start pushing back. Also part of her plan is to have Austin and Shelli stage a fight so people won't be so upset about keeping Shelli. They are going to see that coming a mile away and then Austin's target will just get larger because they will know that Vanessa is controlling him too. They already know they work together, but this seals up any doubt. The other thing that is killing her game repeating how much integrity she has, how loyal she is, and that she is solo in the game. Her word is pretty much dirt at this point. If she wins HOH this week, she will go ahead with the plan to put up the remaining person of Shelli/Clay alongside Becky or Johnny Mac, but "something" will happen and she will get "evidence" that James did something and he will be sent packing instead. She will have to win her way to the final 4, otherwise she will be cut very soon. She has a better shot if Shelli stays in the game, but even then she is going to have to win her way. If she gets to the final 4, she actually has a shot to win the game, but at this point, I don't see her getting there.
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Halfway point
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