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 Former Ravens and Browns owner Art Modell dies

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PostSubject: Former Ravens and Browns owner Art Modell dies   Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:44 am

I'm sure you NFL junkes have already heard about this.

I'm actually indifferent to the whole situation. I'm not happy about it, but not sad either.

But there are some in Cleveland that are happy and still blame the whole city of Baltimore for "stealing" our team.
My father included in that group, he wrote a little poem about Art Modell passing:

A man from Cleveland named Art Model made the people of Baltimore happy,
He made them forget the event that had caused them to feel so crappy.

It was the owner of the Colts who was feuding with their city,
And in the end he did something that was really really shitty.

He took their team, he stripped them of a civic treasure,
They would have to do without their Sunday afternoon of pleasure.

For thirteen years the city of Baltimore tried to get another team,
And every time they got close a guy in Washington killed their dream.

They had tried very hard not to harm fans that cheered in other towns,
Until it became clear to them that they could steal the Browns.

The moment they pursued that devious and cowardly deed,
They became thieving bastards everyone in Cleveland agreed.

When the team left Cleveland its fans fought a noble fight,
They made so much noise the NFL had to rectify their plight.

They didn’t get their team back and the NFL didn’t lay blame,
But Cleveland got a new team to go with their colors and their name.

We have the Browns but it is not the same no matter what you say,
Because of what they did to us on the dais in Baltimore that day.

Baltimore and its people shed their integrity to lure him there,
And he gave up a great legacy to participate in their affair.

Now things have come full circle and Art Model is dead,
There is no remorse in Cleveland and no one will bow their head.

So now it’s time to balance the books as we look back on this woeful pair,
Baltimore with no integrity, and Model, a man who didn’t care.

It’s over now, life goes on and we have to play them twice a year,
A town of thieves who got their team from a man with a false veneer.
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PostSubject: Re: Former Ravens and Browns owner Art Modell dies   Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:23 pm

R I P ..Art Modell
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Former Ravens and Browns owner Art Modell dies
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